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Tiny Commitment.Big Gains.

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Monthly Deposit

₹  450

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Profits at the end of 3 years


Gold growth

11.7% in YOY value of gold

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GST charged on digital gold

3% p.a.

FD rates from ICICI Bank

4.75% p.a.

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2.5% p.a.

As of 1 Jan, 2023

How It Works

Lease your gold to screened and verified jewellers via SafeGold

Yield accrues every month, as the jeweller starts paying back the lease

Your leased gold is returned in full at the end of the sixth month

All yield is credited to your SafeGold account in the form of gold

Backed by bank guarantees

Start leasing with just 0.1 gm of gold

Maturity period of just 6 months

Earn upto {{maxYield}}% p.a. in gold

Give your portfolioa sidekick

Thanks to its legendary stability, gold protects your wealth during all market conditions and helps your portfolio retain its value.

How to opt into Gains


Verify your PAN


Start with just 0.1 grams


Buy the gold and confirm your lease

Cashing out is just one option

Here’s everything else you can do with your digital gold on SafeGold

Opt back into Gains for even more gains

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Frequently Asked Questions Product Description

Gold leasing is a method by which you can lease your gold metal (held through digital platforms), to jewellers and ornament manufacturers (Lessee), who will utilise the gold metal as part of their working capital. After a fixed term, the Lessee will return your metal along with a lease rental payment. In concept, this is not very different from you owning an asset like a house or a car and renting it out to another user who pays a rental for using your asset.

All parts of the lease are denominated and carried out in grams of physical gold.

SafeGold facilitates the lease of your physical gold metal to the jeweller of your choice after they have been properly vetted, onboarded and have provided security for the lease. We also coordinate with the jeweller to ensure that the gold metal is physically added back to the vault along with the yield, and accessible to you once again, at the end of the lease tenure.

The steps involved are:

  1. Choose the jeweller from the listed options
  2. Purchase gold worth 0.5 gm or more to commit to the lease (you can also utilise your existing SafeGold balance for this)
  3. Complete your PAN verification (in case you haven’t already)
  4. Confirm the lease (you will be shown the jeweller, tenure and amount of gold you are committing)
  5. That’s it- you’re set!

In order to lease your gold, you’ll need to have a SafeGold account, and complete the steps above.

Once you’ve committed your gold for a specific lease, the yield will be paid out to your SafeGold account (in the form of gold grams) every month. At the end of the lease, the last payment to your account will have both the principal gold amount as well as the yield added.

SafeGold is India’s leading digital gold platform, with partnerships across 60+ platforms, and over 20 million customers. We are India’s largest ecosystem of digital gold services, which includes buying and selling gold at live market rates, gold savings, and converting your digital gold to physical forms like gold jewellery, coins and bars. Read more about us on our here.

SafeGold facilitates the leasing of your gold savings in terms of onboarding & vetting the jewellers listed for lease options, including the security provided as collateral for the lease. We also physically provide the gold metal to the jeweller for their use. We ensure that yield payments are added to your account every month, and at the end of the lease tenure, add back the committed gold and yield to your account once the jeweller has closed the lease.

The yield is paid out in the form of grams of gold, which accrue to your SafeGold account. You can sell this gold at any time as per the prevalent rate, and the funds will be transferred to your bank account.

At the moment, this product is only available for customers with digital gold purchased from SafeGold. We are working on enabling customers to lease out their physical gold lying at home soon!

You are leasing out your gold to India’s community of retail jewellers - i.e. the very same folks from whom your family might have been buying jewellery for generations. But we don’t just allow anyone to list on the SafeGold platform - we provide a vetted list of jewellers with whom we have deep relationships, whose credibility and credit worthiness are established.

Jewellers need gold metal in the same way that any business needs working capital. For a jeweller, it makes more sense to lease gold metal directly, because otherwise they could be affected by price fluctuations if they utilise a rupee loan to purchase gold and then have to repay in rupees once the gold price goes up.

You can choose between lease options based on details such as tenure and yield provided by different jewellers on the listing page.

The yield rate is offered by the jeweller and shown to you. SafeGold may provide higher yields for returning customers or as a temporary offer from time to time, in addition to the yield offered by the jeweller.

The lease shall continue during the tenure mentioned in the listing page, unless the jeweller chooses to close the lease at an earlier date, by settling the gold metal. You will earn a yield from the time that your gold is committed on a daily basis, which will accrue on a monthly basis to your digital gold account.

You will be able to exit a lease at the end of the tenure mentioned on the listing page or at an earlier date, if the jeweller chooses to close out the lease earlier. The typically tenure for a lease is 3-6 months.

This is a completely innovative product, offered for the first time in the world by SafeGold. We are proud to offer this product in India first, given the rich tradition of gold as an investment class and one of the largest industries in the country.

No, the gold lease is not part of the gold monetisation scheme.

Yes, a jeweller can close out a lease earlier, in which case your gold, along with the applicable yield calculated up to the date on which the lease is closed, shall be added back to yout account.

Yes! There is no upper limit on the number of leases in which you can invest.

You can view the terms and conditions governing the lease here

You will receive monthly statements from SafeGold, updating you on the yield that has been added to your digital gold account.

No, you will not be able to sell your gold while it has been committed to a lease, as it would have been removed from the vault and physically given to the jeweller.

SafeGold will send you a statement at the time of the leasing closing, which will contain details on the final yield in grams as well as rupees (calculated at the time of the statement being sent out).

Eligibility and Liquidity

The minimum commitment required is 0.5 gms and the maximum limit is 20 gms.

Your PAN is required for you to participate in the gold leasing offering. You will not be able to participate in the lease until you provide your PAN and complete your PAN verification process.

Subject to the use of an Indian mobile number, bank account and completion of PAN and bank verification checks, an NRI can participate in a gold lease.

No, minors cannot participate in gold leases.

SafeGold does not have a nomination facility at present. However, in the event of your death, your heirs can get in touch with our customer support team to access your account. They will be required to submit documentation such as an affidavit (format will be provided), death certificate and proof of their status as your heir.

Risks and Mitigants

Yes, the gold metal lease is a legal product - SafeGold would not offer any products which are not legal.

The gold metal lease is not denominated in rupees, nor does it repaid in the form of rupees. All transactions take place in the form of gold grams. Hence, this product does not require an NBFC license.

The key risks associated with the product can be viewed here.

SafeGold operates a platform which connects customers like you who wish to lease out your gold metal, to Jewellers who wish to enter into such a lease. While the Company will endeavour to protect your metal by enforcing collateral in an event of default by the jeweller, the Company does not guarantee your capital or any returns and there is no recourse available on the Company to you.

SafeGold follows various practices to help keep your gold safe, including:

  • Vetting the credit worthiness of the jewellers listed on the platform
  • Obtaining security (in the form of collateral upto the specified collateral coverage)
  • Requiring additional collateral in the event of an increase in the price of gold
  • Enforcing the security collateral in the event of any default

We take your trust in our platform very seriously, and are extremely selective in which jewellers we allow to list on our platform. These are usually jewellers with whom we have deep relationships, where we have a higher confidence in their credibility.

In addition to this, the jewellers taking the lease provide a security for the lease, demonstrating their creditworthiness and commitment to repayment.

Jewellers provide a specified collateral coverage of the value of gold they are leasing, which acts as a security for the lease.

In the event of default, SafeGold is authorised to enforce the bank guarantee, to ensure that funds are recovered to the greatest extent possible against the lease.

A bank guarantee is an instrument through which a lending institution (such as a bank) promises to cover a loss if a leasee (such as a jeweller) defaults on a lease. This is usually enforceable by the lessor (eg. the one offering the metal to be leased) or an institution acting on behalf of the lessor.

A margin of 100-109% means that the security provided by the Lessor (i.e. Jeweller) is equivalent to a value within the range of 100-109% of the gold metal taken on lease (calculated as per the price on the date of the lease, and thereafter updated based on daily pricing).

Safegold has stringent security measures in place to protect the loss, misuse, and alteration of the information under our control. Whenever you change or access your account information, we offer the use of a secure server. Once your information is in our possession we adhere to strict security guidelines, protecting it against unauthorized access.

SafeGold uses OTP verification to authenticate access to your account. In addition, the bank account to which proceeds from the sale of gold to your account is sent is verified against the PAN card provided by you, to prevent the misuse or fraudulent use of your account.

Nevertheless, if you feel that your account has been compromised or improperly accessed, we request you to to inform us immediately by writing to or call us on 8881000800.

No, gold leasing is not a regulated product.

Gold Metal Leasing is not a regulated product and you do not have any regulatory recourse in the event you suffer any losses


Taxation for digital gold is treated in the same manner as physical gold - i.e. as a capital asset, on which long term or short term capital gains tax is applicable, depending on when you sell the product. You will be able to see the transaction value for each yield paid into your account in your transaction history section

No, there is no TDS or other tax deduction on your gold yields.

SafeGold collects customer PAN details as part of the identity verification process, and as part of the security process to ensure that the bank account to which sell funds are sent, matches the name on your PAN card. We are not required to report your yields or gold purchases to the tax authorities.

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