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Empowering Jewellers

Offer customers a way to save that’s easy, digital, and convenient.

Then, seamlessly convert their digital gold savings into jewellery.

Acquire. Nurture. Upsell. Grow
Offer customers multi-year savings plans.
Easy to deploy, managed for you end-to-end. No tech expertise needed to start.
100% digital solutions, offer anytime, anywhere.
Customer is locked in to exchange their gold only for your jewellery.
Customers can start saving with low ticket sizes (as low as ₹100).
Customers see your logo with platform customisation options.

With a completely contactless, digital platform, you’ll always be able to reach your customer, without needing to rely on your store.

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Your Dashboard
Your Dashboard
Setup your logo and customise your platform
Track customer transactions daily or monthly
Download commission reports or invoices
Getting Started
Get started with your mobile number and a few other details
Customise the platform to show to your customers
Add your KYC and bank details to complete verification
Take your platform live and send the link to your customers
Frequently Asked Questions

As a jeweller partner of SafeGold, you will be able to offer your customers a fully digital solution for savings in gold, through which they can save in multi year plans, buy, sell or gift gold seamlessly. Your customer will have the option to convert their gold savings to jewellery at any time directly through your product (and will only be locked in to your jewellery options). The best part is that customers can save from low ticket sizes, so your jewellery will be even easier for them to reach!

SafeGold offers capabilities for Buying, Selling, Delivery, gold SIP (multi year savings) process,Gifting of gold and Exchange for Jewellery through the Jewellery Partnership option.

SafeGold offers a fully managed solution for you, where you will be able to set up and customise the final look and feel of the web app, including adding your own logo, within minutes. Once documents are in place, you can share the unique link for your store with your customers through whatsapp and invite them to buy.

SafeGold will be responsible for all payment collection, using a third party payment gateway service. Customers will be offered UPI & Debit card options for payment, and PG charges will be borne by SafeGold. Your commission will be settled to you on a daily basis.

Your customers will have the option to transfer gold to you, which will be adjusted against the jewellery they wish to purchase. You will tell them the gold purity of jewellery they wish to buy and gram gold used in making it and they will accordingly initiate the process from their end. You will be able to see gold transferred to you by customers through your dashboard, and will be able to sell the gold for funds immediately, or order it to be delivered to you in minimum quantities.

You will need to submit documents for KYC and bank verification to be completed, based on which you will be able to take the web app live. Verification of documents can take up to 72 hours to complete.