Offer digital gold as a savings options to customers

Choose the integration option that works for you convenience and bandwidth -- between API & PWA
Offer a product loved by every Indian family -- gold, wrapped up in conveniently low ticket sizes
Best-in-class bundle of features like SIP, Gifting Gold, Jeweller Exchange, Loans, and more.
Zero counter-party risk. Customer gold and money is safe with security trustee and independent custodians.
What do you want to build?
Choose the right fit for you:
To hit the ground running
Get a faster go-to-market with minimal development effort through our Progressive Web App option, to deliver an app-within-app experience.
Rapid deployment with fewer technical overheads
Easier customer acquisition
Improve SEO ranking
Adaptive and linkable
For a native experience
Opt for API integration if you’re looking for a native experience within your platform, enabling new avenues to boost your business impact.
Developer-friendly REST API
Fully encrypted solutions
Native UI & UX experience for your brand
Need assistance in choosing the right option for your business?
Getting Started
For PWA (App-within-App)
Get in touch with SafeGold
Complete your documentation
Customise your PWA as per your brand colours
Start offering SafeGold to your customers!
Get in touch with SafeGold
Decide the approach - PWA or API
Complete the legal documentation
Get UAT key and start integration
Testing in UAT
Get Production key
Go Live!
Don’t take our word for it
Thanks to the entire SafeGold team for supporting us in going live. It has been a very pleasant experience working with you and looking forward to a long journey with continued support.
— Jithesh P V
Dy. Vice President & Head Digital Centre of Excellence, Federal Bank
Frequently Asked Questions

SafeGold offers capabilities for Buying, Selling, Delivery, gold SIP process and Gifting of gold. Depending on the type of integration, payments shall be handled by the partner (API) or by SafeGold (in the case of App within App). All responsibilities with respect to delivery shall be managed by SafeGold.

Safegold’s API suite offers developer friendly REST APIs through which you can get started on a quick and easy solution for providing digital gold to your customers, with native UI and UX for your brand. SafeGold’s APIs make it easier for you to:

  • Build High scalability products for your customers
  • Offer bundled including SIP, Gifting, Jeweller redemptions
  • Use automated reconciliations and customized dashboards

The API uses REST with request and response payloads formatted as JSON.

Progressive Web Apps or PWA are an emerging solution for businesses that takes advantage of the strengths of both regular websites and apps for mobile phones to create a better experience. It offers an app with app experience, where customers on your platform can easily access a new product (such as SafeGold), without extensive development time and effort being required. Once a user taps on the icon to launch the PWA, they will be redirected to a user flow that is managed by SafeGold, with some minimal information being required to be passed by you. They can return at any time to your home screen to continue other journeys.

Choose Progressive Web App (PWA) or App within App type of integration if:

  • You’ve just started and want a simple solution for your end customer
  • You have time and/or budget constraints
  • You want to improve brand awareness and SEO ranking

You can get started with integration by getting in touch with us here. You will be asked to complete your legal documentation with SafeGold, and in parallel you can receive the UAT key from SafeGold and start the integration process. Once testing is completed and documentation are both satisfactorily completed, you will get production keys to go live.